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We count on a wide network of distributors to assist our customers needs throughout Venezuela for which reason we appreciate your getting in direct contact with our Sales Department to kindly provide you with the name of two or three firms located in your residence area within the country to inspect the spaces to be air-conditioned and so make the quotation.

Nevertheless, your decision regarding which of the suggested firms must be hired for carrying out the project and further installation and maintenance of your INPERCA Air Conditioner, is very important at the moment of getting the expected results from the system in operation.

For that reason, we recommend you to require from them all kind of details such as the company’s experience, list of main clients, time in the field and expertise of their employees. A responsible and highly reputed contractor will gladly provide you with all the information you need. Be aware with those acting evasive or not answering your questions.

In any case, the designer or installing technician must personnally inspect the place to be capable of making a written offer. Compare the different proposals but take into consideration that the quoted equipment have the same capacity, absolute efficiency "EER" (different from "SEER" which values do not apply in the tropic), electrical protections, materials used in the cabinets, delivery time and guarantees offered.

Distrust prices extremely low since they normally mean cuttings in essential elements or doubtful origin or quality, among others.

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