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Proper Selection
The right selection of the equipment, without doubts, will prevent future problems. For that reason, the following aspects should be taken into account:

Must be chosen taken into consideration some factors such as future space usage (residential, social, commercial, industrial, etc.), number of people, quantity and location of doors and windows, winds and sun direction, construction materials, insulation, external temperatures, electrical appliances, external and infiltered air, all of it, after performing a detailed analysis of thermal loads. An oversized equipment will air-condition the space but since it operates at short cycles, might not be capable of removing all the humidity bringing out a cold but sticky space caused by humidity. On the other hand, a sub sized equipment will create a space in which a comfortable temperature will not be reachable even though the system is operating without interruption.

Select the right model for the space to be air-conditioned bearing in mind the wide variety of existing models both split and packaged systems with axial or centrifugal fans in the condensing unit and standard, duct, fan coil and ductless evaporating units for direct expansion or cooling water, all of them intended to satisfy different needs and uses.

It is very important to locate the condenser in a place where fresh air can be taken freely from the environment and its discharge has to be without any restriction. Likewise, the evaporator requires of enough space to take the returning air and to allow an easy access to its filters. In both cases, it must be foreseen not to obstruct the detachable panels for the purpose of checking out the equipment at the event of any inconvenient, and also the availability of electrical and water taps and nearby drainage for its maintenance.

Special operational conditions such as irregular voltage supply and excess of dust or salinity in the environment must not be ignored.

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