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INPERCA was founded in 1983 as an assembler of residential type Central Air Conditioning systems from 3 to10 cooling tons with only 15 employees working in rented facilities.

During the course of the last 15 years, INPERCA has gone from being a small regional industry to become the biggest residential, commercial and industrial type Central Air Conditioning systems factory in Venezuela.

Nowadays, the company designs, manufactures and markets split and package systems ranging from 1 to 50 cooling tons. in different versions such as condensing units with axial fan or blower wheel and standard, duct, fan coil, ductless and 100% external air type evaporating units for direct expansion or chilled water plus air curtains and some feedstock for its consumption as well as for the reposition market naming, among others, heat exchangers, blower wheels, fan blades and galvanized steel cabinets.

Despite the fluctuations in the country’s economy, INPERCA has maintained a steady growth, always investing in products and processes to fulfill the market demand and to satisfy customers needs. Currently, its labor force reaches 150 men and women working in a 8,000 square meters plant of its property.

INPERCA’s commitment is to preserve its strong leadership within the Venezuelan market, position obtained in virtue of its quality, technological innovations, advantageous costs position, customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility, competing not only with local manufacturers but with powerful multinational corporations.

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