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Our certainty that only true quality gives satisfaction makes us proud to say that our Air Conditioners are manufactured using state of the art technology, highly qualified personnel, the best market components under the most strict quality controls in order to guarantee their performance and operational efficiency.

We count on a modern computerized center to speed all our services and processes including new designs complying with main international quality standards, also the latest in machinery coming from the most prominent industrial countries. Electrical protections are added in the power-supply panels to safeguard the principal components against voltage fluctuations. We use galvanized steel sheets with the proper gage in order to guarantee solid, robust and corrosion resistant equipment. We also produce part of the critical components and the rest are acquired directly from their manufacturers, without intermediaries, through which we guarantee origin and quality.

All the above allow us to obtain a final product of excellent quality and to have at hand the spare parts required for every system that we place in the market.

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